Episode 027: Peter Bagge


There’s no one I more strongly associate with the city of Seattle than Peter Bagge, save perhaps, for Kurt Cobain — though, hell, Pete’s lived in the Emerald City a lot longer than that Nirvana kid ever did. I have, for some strange reason, a very vivid memory of a grunge exhibit at the EMP museum on my first trip to the city. In amongst the tour posters, flannel jackets and Subpop contracts was a set of school pencils, sitting in one corner — grunge pencils designed by, naturally, Bagge himself. It’s a fact I’ve somehow managed to shoehorn into nearly every interview I’ve done with the cartoonist over the years, which likely now resides somewhere in the lower double digits.

Bagge kindly agreed to meet me in a whiskey bar called The Whisky Bar in Seattle’s Bell Town district. We spoke mostly about the life of Planned Parenthood founder Marget Sanger, as you do in a Seattle whiskey bar on aw Tuesday night.

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